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Our latest additions

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Nothing beats a morning coffee

The best quote we ever read was, 'A bad day with coffee beats any good day without one.' Luigi Bormioli understands this and have gone to great lengths to ensure your morning coffee is made and presented to your guests in something that will make them feel as good before they drink it as we know they will after they have. 

A good 'mix' of drinks always means a good time

With Luigi Bormioli's new range of mixology glasses, your guests can enjoy their favourite drinks in exquisite style.

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Let us take you back to Roma in 1960

Let's be honest...Flights are expensive and travel, while open, is still difficult. Luigi Bormioli has got you covered with their Roma 1960 range which we guarantee will transport your guests directly to the centre of Rome. All while drinking their favourite drinks from these jaw-droppingly crafted stem glasses. 

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